Triathlon Skill Analysis & Multi-Sport Clinic Series

image Triathlon Skill Analysis: Analysis is a key tool for continued improvement whether you are new to triathlon, an experienced struggler or a top age grouper. In our skills analysis sessions, we use video cameras and compu-trainers to document your current swim stroke, run form and power (FTP). The sessions are designed to promote awareness, identify areas of improvement and help make corrections.

The sessions will:

Review body positions – swim stroke, run form
Identify technique flaws
Improve efficiency
Suggest corrections and modifications to technique
Determine Cycling Power (FTP)

Date &Location:
March TBA, 10:00 - 3:00pm: Washington, DC
May TBA, Washington, DC
Investment: $160


Multi-Sport Clinis

We are kicking off a free multisport clinic series at several locations in the metro area.
Clinic #1: Triathlon 101
Date & Time: TBD
Topics Covered:
* How to properly train for a triathlon
* Supplies and tools needed for the season
* General tips on nutrition and transition

Clinic #2: Open Water Swim Techniques
Date & Time: TBD

Topics Covered:
* How to sight during the swim
* Supplies and tools needed for the season
* General tips on rounding the buoy

Clinic #3: ChiRunning
Date & Time: TBA, 6:30-7:30pm
Location: TBA

Topics Covered:
* ChiRunning form
* Increase efficiency and reduce your effort
* Increase your speed by relaxing your legs


Posted on December 2016

Triathlon Training Program

nations groupThis 12 or 16 week group training program is designed to prepare you for a successful sprint,olympic or half ironman distance triathlon. Our target races are theIrongirl triathlon, and The Nation's Triathlon. Whether you are a beginner or looking for more structured training with like minded people, this program will optimize your training and race potential. In this program you will explore a full range of basic and advanced training techniques, information that you will use for the rest of your triathlon career.

Training includes a daily workout program, two coached group sessions each week, and support of your triathlon goals from your team and coaches. The coached group sessions will be held Tuesday evening at 7:00pm and Sunday mornings at 8:00 am. OnPoint Fitness will provide you with the building blocks to a successful triathlon season.

What to expect:

  • Two weekly coached sessions in swimming, biking, and running/walking
  • Combo workouts (i.e. workouts combining bike and run or swim and bike)
  • Swim technique
  • Bike skill and handling clinic
  • Run intervals
  • Transition clinic
  • Supportive and upbeat training group
  • OnPoint FitnessTri-Gear Incluced (Tri Top and Bottom)

irongirlThe program will address your triathlon fitness, technique and form in all three disciplines. We want you to enjoy the triathlon lifestyle and reduce your risk of injury, keeping you OnPoint for life.

More information
Participants will need to be able to swim at least 100 meters at the start of training. Athletes needing to improve their swim stroke should sign up for our Triathlon Swimming: Stroke Development (Total Immersion) class prior to training or plan to take the class during training. Participants needing to sign up for the Stroke Development class will be provided a 50% Discount Code for the class. Group rides will be on Sunday at 8:00 am and we will meet in Rock Creek Park, DC. Group swim practice will meet Tuesdays, 7:00 pm at Takoma Pool. The first meeting will be on Sunday May 28 at 8:00 am in Rockcreek Park, Washington DC. (subject to change)


12 Week Training Program        $495

16 Week Training Program        $595

Details & Policies
All workout dates and times are tentative and may change.


Posted on April, 2017

Total Immersion & ChiRunning Tune-UP w/Video Analysis

video camera orangeWhether you are new to Total Immersion and ChiRunning or have been practicing for a while, video analysis is a key tool for stroke and form improvement. In our TI & ChiRunningTune-Up sessions, we use a video camera to document your current stroke/form and make corrections. These hour-long sessions designed to promote awareness of your stroke/form will: · Review body position and current stroke/form · Identify technique flaws · Suggest corrections and modifications to technique While additional swimming/running sessions are required to build fitness and effect stroke/form technique improvement, a video analysis is a great way to assess and measure progress. Tune up sessions are conducted in a small class format with a limited number of participants.

Date &Location:
May TBA, Washington, DC (ChiRunning Tune-UP)
May TBA, Washington, DC (Total Immersion Tune-UP)
June TBA, Washington, DC (ChiRunning Tune-UP)
June TBA, Washington, DC (Total Immersion Tune-UP)
Investment: $49


Posted on April 2013

Total Immersion Group Classes

imageTotal Immersion Private & Group Swim Classes July - Aug
Total Immersion Private & Group Swim Classes Aug - Sept
Total Immersion Private & Group Swim Classes Sept - Oct
Investment: $395 Class size: 4-6 swimmers
Locations: Takoma Pool 300 Van Buren St NW Washington DC
Locations: Waterside Pool 901 6th St SW Washington DC

Learn to Swim-
If you’ve never learned how to swim or just need help putting it all together we can help provide you with techniques that will greatly increase your COMFORT, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE. If you are uncomfortable in deeper water contact us about private lessons.

Stroke Development
This class is ideal for fitness, athletes, and triathletes alike who are serious about learning proper freestyle stroke mechanics and increasing efficiency . All participants should have basic swimming skills to complete 100 yards.


Posted on Dec 2016

Open Water Swim Clinic

Open WaterAn Open Water Swim Clinic designed for beginners and experienced strugglers!  This 60 minute clinic gives you an opportunity to adapt your pool strokes to the waves, chop and current of open water. The clinic will provide realistic but low-pressure simulations of open water racing for current and aspiring triathletes. All participants MUST be able to swim at least 500 meters in a pool to participate. If you can’t swim 500 meters, please contact us about swim lessons and other open water swimming opportunities. 

Dates: TBA

FROM VIRGINIA • Merge onto I-495 / I-95 Capital Beltway – Outer Loop • As you are approaching the Woodrow Wilson Bridge stay in the right hand • lanes in order to take the 'Local Lanes' • Cross the Woodrow Wilson Bridge • Take National Harbor Exit 2A


Posted on June 2012

TI Freestyle 1.0 Smart Endurance Swimming (1 Day Clinic)

imageSmart Endurance Swimming (SES)
Date: January 22
Date: February 12
Investment: $299
Class size: 4-6 swimmers
Locations: Waterside Fitness & Pool 901 6th St SW Washington DC
Class will include two pool sessions, including video analysis in each session, plus classroom review and discussion.

This workshop is recommended for new swimmers who can swim 50 yards/meters of crawl stroke and self-coached TI swimmers who want expert feedback and a boost in skill development. It will include 75% Drill (covering Balance, SpearSwitch and SwingSwitch sequences) and 25% Whole Stroke.

Swim farther. Swim easier. Enjoy it more.

Traditional endurance training prescribes laps and more laps. It feels like
a grind, in body and mind. Smart endurance training brings steady measurable progress, energizes rather than exhausts you and trains your brain, not just your muscles.

If your swimming feels uncomfortable, hard and/or slow, it’s not because you lack conditioning. It’s because you move  around in water and move water around instead of moving through water. We call that the Universal Human Swimming Problem (UHSP). This class will cure the UHSP by teaching you the Smart Endurance skill sequence of Balance-Streamline-Propel.

Skill 1: Linear Balance. Cure ‘heavy’ legs by learning to cooperate with - rather than fight - gravity. An effortlessly horizontal body moves through the water more easily and calms your churning legs. It also brings the mental calm necessary to learn every skill that follows.
Skill 2: Lateral Balance. Gain control of your arms and legs to use them effectively instead of ineffective steadying/stabilizing movements.
Together Linear and Lateral Balance allow you to replace arm-and-leg churn with a sustainable stroke rate, giving you the swimming equivalent of a conversational running pace – the key to swimming farther immediately.

Skill 1: Passive Streamlining. Shape your body to be longer, sleeker, more hydrodynamic.  
Skill 2: Active Streamlining. As you stroke, move your arms and legs in ways that redirects energy from making waves and creating turbulence into forward motion.
Together Passive and Active Streamlining will produce your greatest energy savings – and greatest increases in endurance and speed.

Skill 1: Direct ‘available’ forces, rather than generating muscular forces. Learn to connect your body mass to the force of gravity in rhythmic weight shifts for ‘free’ power.
Skill 2:  Link the actions of your arms and legs to the effortless power of the weight shift to swim with more power, more speed and no fatigue.


For the classroom: Pad and pen for note taking.
For the pool: An extra suit if you want dry ones for the 2nd swim, an extra pair of goggles - just in case. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks. Bring your own towel (an extra once is nice in case you want a dry one after the 2nd pool session). Water bottle.


Posted on December 2016

Basic Balance & Speed Skills Clinic

imageInvestment: $55
Class size: 4-6 swimmers
Locations: Waterside Pool 901 6th St SW Washington DC

Basic Balance Clinic: For 'advanced' beginner to intermediate swimmers. Swim with significantly more ease and a noticeably smoother freestyle stroke. We'll teach you to achieve a 'weightless' feeling by cooperating with gravity. You'll save energy, calm your kick and feel more comfort and control.

Speed Skills Clinic: For intermediate to advanced swimmers--particularly with TI practice experience skills. Learn to master the "math" of speed -- the optimal combination of Stroke Length and Stroke Rate that brings more speed with less effort. We'll use a Tempo Trainer to (i) discover the range of stroke counts best suited to your height and skill level, and (ii) 'hardwire' steady-pacing skills into your brain.


Posted on Dec 2012

ChiRunning Workshops

imageChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of T'ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary running form and philosophy that takes the pounding, pain, and potential damage out of the sport of running. The ChiRunning programs increases mental clarity and focus, enhances the joy of running, and turns running into a safe and effective lifelong program for health, fitness, and well-being.

Date: January 29, 11:00am-3:00pm, Washington, DC
Date: February 26, 11:00am-3:00pm, Washington DC
Date: March 26, 11:00am-3:00pm, Washington, DC



Posted on December 2016