Cancellation Policy

Cancellation IconCancel 14 days before the start of a workshop, training program, or clinic and you will be refunded $190 or $95 (minus $35 processing fee).

Note: If you cancel within 14 days of the workshop, you will not receive a refund, but the fee can be credited towards a future workshop purchased through OnPoint Fitness Corp. within one year with no penalty.

We require at least 24 hours notice for canceling or rescheduling an appointment.  The full fee of the session will be charged.


Total Immersion Lessons (1 hour)

Open Swim Training and Clinics ImageTotal Immersion private and semi-private lessons teach you the essential drills and strategies to achieve a fishlike swimming stroke at your own pace. Topics & drills covered:

  • Balance and streamlining drills
  • Stroke timing drills
  • Common stroke problems
  • How to plan a TI practice

Total Immersion Group Classes (3 weeks) $395

Open Swim Training and Clinics Image Total Immersion group classes provide you with a knowledge of all of the essential drills and strategies to achieve a fishlike swimming stroke.

Classes meet one hour, twice a week for 3weeks. Practice drills will be given to each participant so they can incorporate them in their practice between each swim session. (class size: 4 -6)

Learn to Swim

Have you never learned to swim? Are you uncomfortable in deeper water? We can help you overcome those anxieties and provide you with techniques that will greatly increase your COMFORT, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE. So whether you hope to swim for fitness, relaxation, or simply to enjoy the pleasure of water, this clinic will empower you to achieve all of your aquatic adventures!

Stroke Development

This class is ideal for fitness, athletes, and triathletes alike who are serious about learning proper freestyle stroke mechanics and increasing efficiency. We use a sequence that focuses on the fundamental swimming principles of balance, length, rotation, and timing. This will transform how your body moves through water and save you energy along the way! All participants should have basic swimming skills to complete 100 yards


TI 1.0 Smart Endurance Swimming (1 Day-Clinic) $299

imageClass will include two pool sessions, including video analysis in each session, plus classroom review and discussion. This workshop is recommended for new swimmers who can swim 50 yards/meters of crawl stroke and self-coached TI swimmers who want expert feedback and a boost in skill development. It will include 75% Drill (covering Balance, SpearSwitch and SwingSwitch sequences) and 25% Whole Stroke.

Swim farther. Swim easier. Enjoy it more.

Traditional endurance training prescribes laps and more laps. It feels like
a grind, in body and mind. Smart endurance training brings steady measurable progress, energizes rather than exhausts you and trains your brain, not just your muscles.

If your swimming feels uncomfortable, hard and/or slow, it’s not because you lack conditioning. It’s because you move  around in water and move water around instead of moving through water. We call that the Universal Human Swimming Problem (UHSP). This class will cure the UHSP by teaching you the Smart Endurance skill sequence of Balance-Streamline-Propel.

Skill 1: Linear Balance. Cure ‘heavy’ legs by learning to cooperate with - rather than fight - gravity. An effortlessly horizontal body moves through the water more easily and calms your churning legs. It also brings the mental calm necessary to learn every skill that follows.
Skill 2: Lateral Balance. Gain control of your arms and legs to use them effectively instead of ineffective steadying/stabilizing movements.
Together Linear and Lateral Balance allow you to replace arm-and-leg churn with a sustainable stroke rate, giving you the swimming equivalent of a conversational running pace – the key to swimming farther immediately.

Skill 1: Passive Streamlining. Shape your body to be longer, sleeker, more hydrodynamic.  
Skill 2: Active Streamlining. As you stroke, move your arms and legs in ways that redirects energy from making waves and creating turbulence into forward motion.
Together Passive and Active Streamlining will produce your greatest energy savings – and greatest increases in endurance and speed.

Skill 1: Direct ‘available’ forces, rather than generating muscular forces. Learn to connect your body mass to the force of gravity in rhythmic weight shifts for ‘free’ power.
Skill 2:  Link the actions of your arms and legs to the effortless power of the weight shift to swim with more power, more speed and no fatigue.


For the classroom: Pad and pen for note taking.
For the pool: An extra suit if you want dry ones for the 2nd swim, an extra pair of goggles - just in case. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks. Bring your own towel (an extra once is nice in case you want a dray one after the 2nd pool session). Water bottle.


Basic Balance & Speed Skills Clinic (1 hour)

Basic Balance Clinic:

For 'advanced' beginner to intermediate swimmers. Swim with significantly more ease and a noticeably smoother freestyle stroke. We'll teach you to achieve a 'weightless' feeling by cooperating with gravity. You'll save energy, calm your kick and feel more comfort and control.


Speed Skills Clinic:

For intermediate to advanced swimmers--particularly with TI practice experience skills. Learn to master the "math" of speed -- the optimal combination of Stroke Length and Stroke Rate that brings more speed with less effort. We'll use a Tempo Trainer to (i) discover the range of stroke counts best suited to your height and skill level, and (ii) 'hardwire' steady-pacing skills into your brain.


Open Water Swim Clinics

Open WaterAn Open Water Swim Clinic designed for beginners and experienced strugglers!  This 90 minute clinic gives you an opportunity to adapt your pool strokes to the waves, chop and current of open water. The clinic will provide realistic but low-pressure simulations of open water racing for current and aspiring triathletes. All participants MUST be able to swim at least 500 meters in a pool to participate. If you can’t swim 500 meters, please contact us about swim lessons and other open water swimming opportunities. 

Open water racing and triathlon skills discussed:
•             Entry & exit techniques
•             Safety
•             Buoy navigation and effective turning
•             Sighting tips
•             Drafting 


Total Immersion Tune-UP w/ Video Analysis $49

video camera orangeWhether you are new to Total Immersion or have been practicing for a while, underwater video analysis is a key tool for stroke improvement.  In our TI Tune-Up sessions, we use an underwater video camera to document your current stroke and make stroke corrections.
  These hour-long sessions designed to promote awareness of your swim stroke will:   
·       Review body position and current stroke
·       Identify technique flaws
·       Improve efficiency
·       Suggest corrections and modifications to stroke technique
While additional swimming sessions are required to build fitness and effect stroke technique improvement, a video analysis is a great way to assess and measure progress.
Tune up sessions are conducted in a small class format with a limit of 4-6 participants.

Date &Location:
January 24, Washington, DC
Investment: $49


Group Instruction

If your triathlon club, swim club, organization, company, association or other group is interested in developing a fitness program incorporating the fishlike swimming principles of Total Immersion, please contact us.

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